False Competition Audits

What does a False Competition Audit do for me?

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The objective is to audit your competition in Google Maps and report listings that shouldn't be competing against you. The whole goal of Google Maps is being in the map pack and there are only 3 spots. Losing spots to fake or old listings is losing market share. The only 2 choices are trying to out rank them or to report them. Our service takes the reporting route. Reporting listings is a clean, simple and tangible solution to increase your traffic from Google Maps.

Why is reporting fake and old listings considered so effective? Why not just out rank them?

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It's a matter of time and money. The amount of time and money needed to out rank the listings in question don’t even come close to the time and money spent to just report the listing. If Google accepts the report, that listing no longer ranks against you for any of the keywords it once did. Now consider how much money and effort you would have to spend to out rank that exact same listing for every given keyword.

Does every business qualify to use the False Competition Audit service?

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No, to qualify you must have at least one Google Map listing. Not every business has a presence in Google Maps. We only work with businesses or agencies that control Google Map listings. If you do have listings in Google Maps, we will not work with you if your listing is a lead gen or fake listing. We reserve the right to terminate your account if we find your listings are lead gen or fake.

Can anyone tell we are using the False Competition Audit service?

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No, it's impossible unless you told people yourself. There is no connection between your listings, your company, and us. Even Google themself couldn't see the connection. Thinking about it, the only people who would know, is us, and maybe our billing processor Stripe, if they were to figure out your email was associated with your business and us.

Do we need to give you access to our Google Map listings?

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No, our service does not require you to give us access to your Google Map listings or gmail account.

How does the billing work?

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We charge a monthly subscription fee per Google Map listing. So if your one business had three Google Map listings, you could open up to 3 subscriptions with us. There is no early termination or early cancellation fees. There's also no contracts with us.

Why do I need a monthly subscription, wouldn't the work be done in the first month?

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Unfortunately, after the first month, there is still a risk that more fake and old listings will enter your market. And in the first month there isn't a guarantee all the listings we report to Google will be taken down in the first month. It could take multiple months for any one listing to be removed. On top of that, just because a listing is removed doesn't mean it can't come back. If it does come back, our system detects it and puts it back into our queue to be reaudited.

Is there a risk of suspension using the False Competition Protection service?

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There is a grand total of zero percent chance that our service is the cause of a suspension for your listings. Since we are not a user on any of your listings and do not have access to your gmail that controls the listings, we couldn't impact your listings.

What are your guarantees?

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We guarantee we will run a monthly audit on your competition in Google Maps, based upon the keywords given to us. We will identify any fake, old or keyword stuffed listings and report them to Google using a combination of suggest edits and the redressal form. We also guarantee our dashboard will report any listings removed, why they were removed, and detect if the listings ever comes back.

What do you not guarantee?

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We do not guarantee the removal of any listings at all. Anyone promising the guarantee of any one listing is lying. Only Google themself could guarantee the removal of a listing and they would never share this info with you. Our data shows that, over the course of time, a good amount of listings do get removed and this is why our service is so powerful. But we will never state that we can remove any one listing for you.

Why would we use the False Competition Audit service if we could just do it ourselves?

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Like many things in life, there's much you could do yourself. Especially in the age of the internet and information being so easy to obtain, you could run a False Competition Audit yourself. But it's a huge time sink without automation and people dedicated to running the audit on a monthly basis. The question you would have to ask is, is my time worth more than the cost for the subscription to let our team handle it on a monthly basis?

If your service is working, why am I still finding spam, old and keyword stuffed listings in Google Maps?

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There could be a few reasons.

The first is, when going through the onboarding process, you provide us 5 keywords for us to work on. If you're running searches on variations of those keywords or completely different keywords, you will end up seeing different results than us.

The other more common reason is, we get our data from a geo grid company called Local Falcon. Companies like Local Falcon are the best way for the world to understand how they rank in Google Maps. But it doesn't see every possible listing as it's too much data to output. So as we clean up current data for you, new data might enter the system to fill in the void, and that new data might also be false competition.

Since we conduct audits on a monthly schedule, it's possible new false competition was injected into the system after the monthly audit and before the next audit. If it's still there by next month's audit it will be picked up by our system.

How many keywords can I protect?

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As of right now, we allow up to 5 keywords per subscription. In the future, we will allow for upgrades for any amount of keywords.

What keywords do you recommend adding to your service?

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There are two approaches you could take. The first is, think about keywords that are most valuable to you. For example, if you were a personal injury attorney, the five keywords that would likely be most valuable are, Car Accident Attorney, Personal Injury Attorney, Truck Accident Attorney, Medical Malpractice and Nursing Home Abuse Attorney. The other way to think about it is, what 5 keywords do you know are filled with spam and old listings? We recommend targeting keywords that are most valuable to you, but you can target any keyword you'd like. Also, to get the most value out of our service, we recommend picking five keywords that aren't just variations of each other. So we don't recommend something like Personal Injury Attorney, Personal Injury Lawyer, Personal Injury Attorney Houston, etc. They're just too similar and you won't get the max value. But the choice is ultimately up to you and your strategy. Maybe the Personal Injury keyword is the only keyword you care about.

Could the False Competition Protection plan possibly report our own listing?

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When you open a subscription with us, your own listing is white listed so it never shows up on our audits. Keep in mind, we do not allow lead gen or fake listings on our platform. If you are caught adding lead gen or fake listings to our platform, we reserve the right to cancel your account.

Are we breaking Google's Terms of Service?

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No, we are leveraging the suggest edit and redressal form. These two actions are what Google wants the world to use to report questionable listings. Our platform enables reporting listings to be turnkey and scalable for your business or agency.

Is there a limit to how many Google Map listings we can have under the False Competition Protection service?

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When you open an account, you will have 1 account with us. Under that one account, you can have infinite Google Map listings with us. Each Google Map listing takes 1 subscription.

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