Our platform

A Powerful Simple Approach

Our service, at first glance, is very simple. We audit your competition in Google Maps, and use suggest edits and Google's redressal form to attack fake, old, and keyword stuffed listings.

Let's pretend your business was being beaten by an old listing in Google Maps. Well, one would simply submit a suggest edit to Google saying the business is closed. You would then submit the redressal form as well to ensure maximum success. You might check back in a day to see if your listing was removed. If it wasn't you would check back in a few weeks. And by next month, if the listing still wasn't removed, you would be inclined to report it again.

Simple so far, and the process doesn't warrant needing an app. But there are markets out there that get hammered with fake listings. For example, in the nursing home world its not unusual to track 100+ fake listings per office. So you would still have to submit the suggest edits as well as fill out the redressal form. But, while the act of removing listing is powerful, you just might not have the time to do it as scale. This is where our service starts kicking in.

We use a 3rd party program called Local Falcon to identify listings in front of your own ranks and truncate the list down to a single list to work on.

Use a 3rd party program like local falcon to see your success in google maps.

This list is fed into our dashboard for you to see. Then, we have our team manually check for indicators of listings being fake old or keyword stuffed and submit a wave of suggest edits and redressal forms to Google. So, right away, your saving time having to sort through listings to report. And your saving time on having to submit the edits and the redressal form.

Now, remember in our first example, how you would check back in a day or so, and then again in a week or so to see if the removals happened? Imagine having to check over 100 links to see which got removed, and tracking and organizing what was removed and what wasn't. And just because the listings got removed, they could still come back. What our app does is track if a listing was removed, why it was removed, and if it ever came back. Our app checks daily to keep the accuracy of our reports top notch.

Next month, we check the competition again and rinse and repeat the process. All 100% hands off for you. In fact, the only time you have to touch our app is when you want to set up a subscription for your Google Map listing. From that point onward, the entire process of identifying, reporting, and tracking is 100% hands off. The only thing you might want to do is check in on our progress by reading our daily report on your campaign.

All this for a flat monthly fee with no change in pricing, no contracts, early termination fees and no catches. Pretty cool huh?

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